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Overview of services provided

These services are based on demonstrated expertise in design, development, analysis, interpretation, and communication of outcomes assessment during twenty-five years of educational experiences at the community college level.

Outcomes assessment
designer and researcher

Dr. Klassen’s twenty-five years of teaching combine classroom and institutional experience with a keen interest in applied research. His research focuses on educational outcomes and assessment utilizing quantitative and qualitative models and design applied to understanding educational processes and outcomes. Design approaches include use of established tools such as ACT-CAAP and locally designed instruments.

Communicator of processes and results
Dr. Klassen works to make the assessment processes and findings understandable to each participant by focusing on critical feedback in decision making while maintaining awareness of the complexities of the research process. He believes that understandable assessment findings are a first, and critical step prior to effective change for both an individual and or an institution.

Dr. Klassen is prepared to focus his expertise and experiences on helping you design outcomes assessment responses to your challenges whether this development be through

  • workshops and training, consultation focused on designing assessment processes at the program and institutional level, or
  • specific research design and/or analysis and reporting of your findings and data.
  • psychometric assessment of your measurement tools.

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